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Convenience Store Cashier

Cashiers are the “face of the Company.” A cashier is responsible for the courteous, efficient operation of his/her shift at the store, including related reports and cleanup/maintenance duties as scheduled by the Store Manager.

The Cashier reports to the Store Manager. No one reports to the cashier.

The following is a non-inclusive list of cashier responsibilities and duties:

-    Perform duties in a manner to ensure that Gem Stop Company’s business affairs are conducted legally and with equality, integrity and honesty.
-    Practice and support Gem Stop Company safety plans and programs. Be familiar with all emergency procedures.
-    Through direction of the Store Manager, follow the approved plan-o-grams and store layouts when restocking shelves and racks.
-    Be responsible for all cash, merchandise, and equipment while on duty:

  • Properly prepared and completed shift report
  • Cash drawer and safe drop procedures
  • Insure that no merchandise leaves store premises without proper accountability to your shift
  • Cashier is responsible for any inventory or cash losses incurred during their shift. Cashier will be held accountable for such losses

Assist in improving overall image and customer relations:

  • Follow daily maintenance schedule under Store Manager’s direction
  • Maintain clean and neat personal appearance
  • Follow Gem Stop Company uniform policy
  • Be friendly and courteous to friends and relatives
  • Spare time should be used performing clean up duties and customer care needs

-    Immediate notification on all matters of an emergency nature i.e. injury, robbery and money losses, or complaints, etc. must be made to the appropriate person in a professional manner.
-    Undertake special projects as assigned by Store Manager.
-    Be responsible for following all local federal laws and the regulations governing the store operations (including the sale of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, gasoline, diesel fuel, etc.)
-    Cashiers have no purchasing responsibilities and are not authorized to allow any inventory into the store without Manager approval.
-    Keep Store Manager informed as to changing conditions, activities, problems, and opportunities.

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Dear Fellow Employee:

Welcome to your new position with Gem Stop Company. You have joined a team of fellow employees who are working effectively together to further themselves, their families, and their Company.

While there is no single rule that can ensure success in any business, there are certain fundamental things that largely determine an individual's progress. Most important is how well you do your job.

A person who uses his/her working hours to the best advantage, who pays attention to detail, who has the ability to see a job through with a minimum of supervision, and who is ready and willing to accept greater responsibilities as opportunities occur, is more likely to succeed. Such qualities as initiative, an ability to get along with people, a cooperative attitude, and personal appearance are important.

We urge that you do your utmost to exhibit an interest in your Company so that you will not only be a credit to its operation, but will gain for yourself the true sense of well-being and satisfaction which comes from the knowledge of a job well done.

Again, welcome, and best wishes for a fulfilling career!


Craig Lunt